Children (age 2 and older)

Children can be impacted more than we realize by stressors they face. Trauma, life disruptions, and biologic based mental health challenges are recognized to affect even the very young. Harbor City Psychological Associates has licensed clinicians, specifically trained in providing diagnostic assessment and age appropriate treatment for children as young as 2 years old.


Adolescence is a time of significant challenges and transitions for both the teen and his or her family.  Harbor City Psychological Associates therapists will provide clients and their families a professional and experienced resource to accurately identify the nature of these challenges and engage in appropriate treatment interventions to achieve successful outcomes.


Harbor City Psychological Associates has a team of experienced clinicians available to work with adults to identify the nature and basis of challenges they face, and, working collaboratively with clients, engage in a mutual process to establish and achieve outcome goals.

Family Therapy

We live, work, and play within human systems.  Clinicians at Harbor City Psychological Associates are trained and experienced in working with the family system to address these dynamic challenges and foster a collaborative approach, drawing strength and resources from each member of the family, to overcome challenges and achieve mutual goals.

Couples/Marital Counseling

Relationship discord can cause many related problems. At Harbor City Psychological Services we understand that your relationship is important to your health and happiness. We prioritize your relationship and help you establish goals for your partnership and couple.